South Florida Real Estate: Northern Miami

One Fifty One at Biscayne is a two-tower residence that looks over the the Atlantic Ocean in Florida. Residing in northern Miami, both towers reach up to 25 floors. 151 at Biscayne contains 160 condominiums for its residents. Additionally, the rooms display views of the Sunny Isles Skylines, Oleta River State Park as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Going further than simply attractive views, the Miami towers offer a variety of different rooms and exclusive features for its residents. A few of the features include:

Two to three bedrooms with 10 feet high ceilings
8 foot balcony overlooking Miami’s landscape
Stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and dining area
Granite counter tops in the kitchen area
Marble whirlpool tub and water closet in the master bedroom
Cable, internet and telephone included in the initial maintenance fees
Nearby grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment, beaches and shopping malls

Furthermore, One Fifty One at Biscayne plans to invest 4 million dollars into advancements for its facilities. The money will add multiple complimentary opportunities and features for its residents. These new lavish features include:

Large heated pool
Well-equipped fitness center
Tennis court
Private club house

The complimentary features are simply additional to the south Florida real estate. As many condominiums do, Biscayne offers a variety of floor plans and styles for its residents. The rooms vary in sizes, so residents can choose which room Miami Condo investments best fits their needs. The rooms range anywhere from 1,758 square feet to 2,385 square feet. While prices may vary with the sizes of the condominiums, the facility’s popular location and advanced features are available for all residents to use.

Because of Miami’s popular tropical climate, prices for condominiums can be an expensive investment for potential buyers. Currently, the demand for condominiums are high in the southern Florida area, and many new condominiums are taking mutiple years to be built. Whereas the Biscayne towers offer an immediate residence at a competitive price. If a potential buyer is interested in the Biscayne residence, then he or she should not hesitate to call for more information or to schedule a visit to the condos. A guided tour could provide a way for the buyer to see the facility, meet the staff and get a glimpse of the relaxing lifestyle in southern Florida. While touring the residence, customers can also see the different room layouts, styles and views that are offered in the residence.

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